Presenting in Person

Whether it’s a boardroom meeting, a conference, a job interview, or something more personal, we can help you to grow in confidence, engage your audience and really command the space so that you feel able to give your best.

The 3 C’s

The building blocks of the Splendid Speech Method
Our signature 3C method for Confidence, Clarity and Charisma is designed to help you bring your best self to any occasion, deliver a ‘splendid speech’ and enjoy all that creates.


Whether you’re a nervous public speaker or just need a boost, building confidence is the foundation on which good speeches are built.


Developing a clear purpose​ and message helps keep things simple and engaging for your audience, so that they can easily get what you are saying.


Charisma is an individual’s ability to attract and influence other people and is primarily about connection - which is something everyone can develop.

The 3C’s Method


We offer a safe space to explore confidence blocks and journey through movement and breath to a belief in your ability to make a splendid speech.


Getting your mind clear, message on point and voice optimised is key to you delivering your best.


You at your most authentic and effective using techniques including pauses and your own story to connect with the audience on the day.

What people say about us

About splendid speech

Since 1999 Barbie has helped hundreds of clients both in Asia and Europe,in sectors from corporate, commercial, charity and start-ups, to those making personal speeches, to address anxieties or goals around public speaking and presentations. So that they feel more confident about their ability to deliver these in a way that’s both authentic and impactful.

Barbie Goldfoot is a public speaking and presentation specialist with a degree in Performing Arts and a Postgraduate in Dramatherapy. She has been a sexual health educator, a trainer in mental health, has helped the neurodiverse and also, worked directly with refugees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Whilst we use the ‘3Cs’ to build confidence, clarity and charisma, every approach is tailor made for each client and designed to work in stages to help accentuate strengths and minimise challenges. As such, we advise working in blocks of three, but we’re happy to discuss your needs.
That’s what we’re here for! We understand how nerve wracking this can be from personal experience, our academic training and working with hundreds of people from all walks of life. We offer a safe space to explore and overcome any issues that arise and all sessions are strictly confidential.
Whilst we work with many clients who have a speaking / presentation event coming up, we also help: those for whom English is a second language, which includes accent and pronunciation skills; clients preparing for job interviews and people who would like to be more confident within the virtual and hybrid workspace.
The cost of the sessions vary - please get in touch to find out more.
To find out how we could help you with an upcoming speech or presentation
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